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Get more out of your brand. Get more done. BacklampIcon_Circle_1024px

Incorporate our team to help you build strategy and visibility

Some of BACKLAMPS Feature Highlights

Streaming Packages

We coordinate streams to communicate with your ecosystem.

Elite Services

Metrics are provided and the packages offer a cost savings services.  We have had significant success with large brands like SanDisk utilizing an Elite Package and Takeover for new product launches.

More For Your Business

All Basic Packages include the ability to incorporate affiliate links, coupon codes or giveaways as part of the events.

Extremely Flexible

You no longer need to go crazy figuring out how to get your business and reach extended further. Let us run the campaign for you. BACKLAMP has all the tools to get you started.

Brands we work with. BacklampIcon_Circle_1024px

We are the original consultants in the field doing the first worldwide releases of new products via livestream for brands like these and more.


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